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The gearbox is the heart of your GM so it has to be dealt with carefully and by professionals who know what they are doing. We have specialised in gearbox, ecu, transmission & DSG repairs of GM’s for many years. The last thing you want is something to go wrong when your traveling at 70mph.

GM Gearbox Transmission & ECU Specialists in Edinburgh | GM DSG Edinburgh | GM DSG Repair Edinburgh  | GM ECU Repair Edinburgh | GM Gearbox Parts Edinburgh | GM Gearbox Edinburgh Our workshops provide a comprehensive installation service, and a dealer level diagnostic with service capability. We are happy to quote for overhaul or replacement of your GM’s gearbox including removal, refitting and commissioning to your GM regardless of model. Our fully qualified GM gearbox service team are on hand to help.

If for any reason we cannot repair your GM’s gearbox, we can supply and fit new or reconditioned gearboxes at very competitive rates. If however you feel adventurous enough we are more than happy to supply you with a reconditioned GM gearbox and have it dispatched by our reliable courier. Own core rebuilds of non stock items as well as collection and delivery of your own core unit can be arranged throughout the UK and Europe. Call the gearbox specialists for extremely competitive quotes.

It is our preference to carry out all installations and commissioning and can quote for collection of your GM. This keeps the highest level of satisfaction that the hundreds of Slater’s customers receive every year.

We have over 30 years experience, specialising in all types of GM servicing and repairs to both automatic and manual gearboxes so you know your in good hands.

Located east of the city centre and covering Edinburgh through to the midlands our fully equipped workshop can cope with all types of GM automatic and manual gearbox repairs, from a minor problem to a complete gearbox rebuild. All work is guaranteed for 12 months with a full warranty. All units are considerably cheaper than dealers offers, come fully refurbished and are complete with a torque converter. With all of this on offer why not make us your first point of call and drop by.

GM Diagnostic Services for Edinburgh

Slaters Garage technicians use electronic computerised diagnostic tools to identify the source of problems on your GM that run from computer inputs. The reason for this is it keeps your cost down as we can quickly pinpoint the problem area of the GM and get straight to work on it. As a general rule we charge for the diagnostic however if we were then appointed to repair your GM after discovering the fault this charge is waived meaning your full diagnostic is completely free.

GM Gearbox Transmission & ECU Specialists in Edinburgh | GM DSG Edinburgh | GM DSG Repair Edinburgh  | GM ECU Repair Edinburgh | GM Gearbox Parts Edinburgh | GM Gearbox Edinburgh Once we have tested the GM, found the fault and repaired the problem we then re-test the GM through our diagnostic systems to make sure the fault is completely rectified before resetting any warning or hazard lights which may have appeared. This may sound common sense however some garages even charge an additional cost for this service. We think it should all be included in the diagnostic.


Most people know a computer controls a large part of your GM however did you know the ECU otherwise known as the Engine Control Unit is the most powerful computer on board. The ECU uses closed-loop control, a control scheme that monitors outputs of a system to control the inputs to a system. Quite technical we know but ultimately this controls the emissions and fuel economy of your GM to name but a few along with many other operating features. Gathering data from dozens of different sensors throughout the GM, the ECU knows everything from the coolant temperature to the amount of oxygen in the exhaust hence the ability to give the GM an immediate reading of how it is performing and adapt according to different situations.

With this information collected from various parts of your GM it performs millions of calculations each second. This allows the ECU to speak to the GM to establish the best spark timing and determine how long the fuel injector is open, ultimately determining the fuel consumption. Clever bit of kit really! Thats why its vital when doing any work on your GM’s computerised systems i.e. ECU it comes to the professionals who know how everything should read. This is where Slaters Garage stand out from most local garages. One of the biggest cores to our business is diagnostic and ECU repairs for all models of GM. Give us a call today for full information on our diagnostic services.

Common Faults for Most Major Manufacturers ECUs

Transmission Specials

Transmission Oil Coolers

The industry’s first transmission cooler, the Ultra-Cool transmission oil cooler is available in six sizes to fit a wide range of applications from sub-compacts to motorhomes.


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